Canker sores are shallow lesions that occur on the mouth’s soft tissues. They present themselves as white, yellow, round, or oval sores under the tongue, lips, base of your gums, or soft palate. This oral condition can be painful and can affect eating and speaking. In this case, it is vital to check with a pediatric dentist as soon as you notice the signs of canker sores in your kid. The professional can suggest treatment procedures based on the cause of the sores. Learn 3 causes of canker sores in kids.


Stress on the mouth tissues is the leading cause of canker sores. Brushing too hard or eating hard items can cause tissue inflammation or bruises. Also, poorly fitted dentures or harsh dental cleaning products can cause mouth injury. In this case, a dentist may advise you on proper brushing techniques for your kids and the foods to avoid. The specialist may also fix the ill-fitting dentures to prevent painful sores from occurring.


Recurrent canker sores may be a sign of nutritional deficiency. Eating a balanced diet helps the body to resist infections and diseases. Things such as iron, folic acid, and zinc are vital in your child’s mouth. Lacking these nutrients contributes to canker sores and worsens the situation. If nutritional deficiency is the root cause of the canker sores, a dentist may recommend nutritional supplements or a change in diet.


Kids’ mouths are more sensitive than those of adults. Hence, certain foods can irritate their mouth, causing a canker sore. The situation can worsen if the kid has injuries in their mouth. Some items that can hurt the sensitive mouth are citrus fruits, oranges, and coffee. In this situation, your child may need to avoid highly acidic foods. If the canker sores are recurrent or do not go away, contact us, and we will find a solution to the painful situation.

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