Many of us already have what we consider to be optimal oral care. After staying on top their twice-yearly appointments, brushing and flossing after every meal, and avoiding sticky, sugary snacks, you would think they would have the perfect smile. Sadly, for some, regardless of the care they give themselves, and they can get from us, there may be an issue that cannot be fixed with standard practices. This could be anything from discolored enamel due to habits or health, chips and cracks in the tooth, or something like a slight overbite or crooked teeth. Geelan Dental Care understands how important it can be to look as good as we feel and offers several solutions for helping you to maintain personal standards.

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We offer clear aligners as a discrete alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments, such as braces. Aligner treatment involves a series of trays that gradually move your teeth to a more proper position. We often recommend clear aligners for adult patients who do not want their treatment to get in the way of their personal or professional life.


Most people think orthodontic treatment is over after they get their braces off or finish their series of aligner trays. However, keeping your teeth in their proper position is just as important as moving them there. For this reason, the use of a retainer after your treatment is complete is crucial.

At Geelan Dental Care, we specialize in the three types of retainers. We typically fabricate a retainer immediately following the removal of your braces or the completion of your clear aligners Aron Geelan, DMD can review your options, answer any questions, and help you choose the appropriate appliance.


One of the most common complaints we receive involves the brightness of our patients’ smiles. For this reason, we offer professional teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening is one of the most basic and cost-effective ways to improve your smile.

As we get older, our teeth pick up stains from certain foods, drinks, medications, and personal habits. These stains, also known as extrinsic stains, are easy to remove with a bleaching solution. However, many store-bought bleaching products leave people dissatisfied with the results. Because we are trained professionals, we use a bleaching agent with a much higher concentration than store-bought alternatives. Our whitening treatment could make your teeth up to eight shades brighter in just a single appointment!


Patients looking for a less-invasive and more cost-effective solution may benefit from dental bonding. Dental bonding involves the application of composite resin, a putty-like material, to the surface of an aesthetically displeasing tooth. For example, dental bonding is an excellent solution for minor chips or cracks. During the procedure, the composite resin will be color-matched to the existing shade of your enamel, making it virtually indistinguishable from the rest of your tooth.


A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that completely covers the visible portion of a damaged or decayed tooth. In previous years, a dental crown was fabricated using a gold or silver amalgam. These days, porcelain is usually the material of choice. Porcelain is a ceramic compound that mimics the light-reflective properties of natural enamel. It can also be textured and color-matched to your existing teeth. Thanks to porcelain and other ceramics, crowns can also be used to fix the aesthetics of an unsightly tooth.


A dental veneer is a razor-thin shell that is bonding to the front surface of a tooth. Like our dental crowns, our veneers are typically made from porcelain. Veneers can be used to fix teeth that are severely discolored, worn down, chipped or broken, misaligned, uneven, irregularly shaped, or even gapped. During the procedure, we have to remove a small amount of enamel to accommodate the thickness of the veneer. For this reason, the veneer procedure is considered irreversible.


It only takes a little something extra for us to want to show off our smiles, and fortunately, there are ways to get them that way fairly easily. Some people are a bit self-conscious when it comes to the color of their teeth. Red wine, cigarettes, and coffee are notorious for staining enamel. For those who would like them to be a few shades whiter, we have specialized gels that are much safer than the random chemical assortments you can purchase off the shelf in the grocery store. We can also watch for spreading to ensure a uniform color instead of bleach spots and protect your gums from irritation that may come from the gel.

For a faster whitening result, we can also use a colored resin on your teeth. You get to choose the color that most closely matches what you want and then we can bond it to your tooth for a more immediate change which can be done in one appointment. Veneers are often a popular choice as well. A thin sheet of porcelain can be glued to your tooth to create a new and improved appearance. Bonding and veneers can also work very well to repair small, noticeable gaps between the teeth. If too much of the enamel is worn down so that a veneer is unable to be used, there are also realistic ceramic caps available which usually look quite real and can fit over the entire tooth.


Because we have the means of using 3D imaging to create an identical replica of your mouth, we can also turn it into dental braces for you which are practically invisible. A plastic aligner can be designed to take half the time of traditional metal braces to repair minor issues with your teeth. As long as you wear them every day for at least twenty hours, you can have a much straighter smile in no time at all.

If you have a special event coming up, such as a wedding or graduation, or would like a significant change that can present a more confident side of yourself, cosmetic dentistry may be exactly what you are looking for. For more information, please stop in at Geelan Dental Care, or call us at to schedule an appointment.