Flossing your teeth is highly recommended by dentists as it gets rid of food particles that get stuck between teeth. Flossing at least once a day is enough to keep your mouth free of any food detritus and bad breath. There is a right flossing technique that everyone needs to adopt but unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the right flossing technique which poses lots of danger to the teeth and the gums. Here are the dangers of having a Bad Flossing Technique.


The point of flossing is to get rid of plaques from the teeth and you do not have to do it roughly to achieve this. Flossing roughly or exerting a lot of pressure easily injures the gum due to friction which results in bleeding. At this point, you will experience a lot of pain and the gum is very susceptible to infections from bacteria in the mouth.


As much as flossing is important, it is recommended that you do it once in a while as there is the danger of making teeth weak, if you overdo it. Besides overdoing it, having a bad flossing technique could also weaken teeth. There is a right angle which you should adopt for holding the floss and the speed at which you should do it. Flossing in the wrong angle, speed, and direction over time pulls your tooth from the gum where it is firmly harnessed thus weakening it. A weak tooth can easily fall off.


Besides bleeding gums, having a poor flossing technique can easily tear an injure the nerve in the gums and on the edges of teeth. Flossing thread is quite tough and generates a lot of friction when rubbing hard against a surface. Imagine this surface is the gum or the edge of the tooth. You could easily rupture the gum tissue and injure the nerves. Contact our office for more information.

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