Everyone wants to put their best foot forward when speaking to people. That is often why people go the extra mile to make their teeth look as white as they can. Our teeth often get discolored because of many factors, such as the things we drink and the lifestyles we lead. However, because of this need to keep our teeth white, many people turn to DIY solutions to get the targeted results while keeping the costs as low as possible. The thing is, these DIY solutions aren’t always safe to use. This is why.


One of the most common dangers that come with DIY teeth whiteners is that you often don’t get even whitening through your teeth. Technologies such as whitening strips often work, but since they cannot get into the teeth’s crevices, you are likely to find uneven whitening amongst your teeth. Uneven whitening can cause you not to smile as often as you would like. It can also affect your self- esteem.


In tooth whitening, two of the most common chemicals used are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. To be effective, you only need a certain quantity to get the required results. The problem with DIY teeth whitening systems is that the chemicals might be in excess and thereby be too intense for your teeth. As such, tooth decay, sensitivity, and gum problems can follow your attempts at whitening your teeth.


Some over the counter DIY systems to whiten teeth such as UV kits sometimes have some unexpected results. A lot of people have used these kits and have gotten promising results from them. The problem then comes when you get stomach issues, toothaches, mouth infections, and gum shrinkage. Additionally, your nerves can be damaged, which will not only result in a lot of pain, but further expenses when you come to see us about the problem.

Although it might seem like the cheaper, more efficient method, DIY teeth whitening systems can do you more harm than good. It’s better to get a professional like the ones in our office to perform the procedure just to be safe. You not only get the look you want, but also stay clear of the potential side effects!

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