At Geelan Dental Care we have a highly skilled team of dental professionals dedicated to ensuring you enjoy a healthy smile always. Our teeth make up an important aspect of our appearance. There are however, times when changes occur that spoil that perfect smile. From nicotine stains to chipped edges, there are many ways in which a tooth can become disfigured and require cosmetic repair. Veneers are thin porcelain or composite resin shells that are fixed on top of damaged teeth to restore a natural healthy look.

They are a long-lasting solution but tend to be a costly venture. In deciding whether to have them fitted, it is good to work out what benefits will be derived.

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As mentioned, veneers can be more expensive than other dental solutions commonly used to correct the appearance and functionality of teeth. They are however, also very durable. With proper care, they can last many years, providing for an excellent return on investment. They require less work to install. Options like braces not only take a while to produce results but also interfere with eating and speech. Veneers can solve many minor cosmetic anomalies like small gaps and crooked teeth instantly and without affecting normal functions.

They also make for a good whitening solution. It is a normal part of life to eat and drink foods that can easily stain teeth. Many cannot do without coffee, cola, turmeric, soy sauce, and even smoking regularly. All these can have a lasting and darkening effect on tooth enamel. A great way to camouflage these stains is to place veneers. Porcelain veneers solve this problem in the long term, as the shells are highly stain resistant.


Veneers are not complicated to place, but it may require more than one visit to have the procedure completed. During the first visit, we will file down the enamel on the affected tooth to make space of the shell. This action can increase tooth sensitivity, but this should last just a few days. If you already suffer from sensitivity, then we may administer a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Once the enamel is trimmed, an impression of the tooth will be taken and sent to the lab to model the veneers. This takes a few weeks. Temporary veneers will be provided to protect the tooth during this period.

On the next appointment, we will check to ensure that the shell fits correctly and that the color matches up with the surrounding teeth. If all is in order, we will perform some tooth etching to create a suitable surface on which the veneer can be bonded to the tooth. A special cement and light are used to bond the veneer and tooth, and once it hardens, we will remove any excess material. A further appointment may be arranged to ensure the results are correct and permanent.


A beautiful smile is well within reach for many with minor, aesthetic problems. For help discovering if veneers are the right solution for you, contact Geelan Dental Care at (503) 223-1322 today.