Many people tend to overlook flossing but it is a very important part of oral hygiene. While brushing can effectively remove plaque and bacteria accumulating on larger surfaces of your teeth, only flossing is able to remove plaque which accumulates in tiny gaps between and around the teeth. Often, children may find it challenging to floss their mouths, so parents should teach them how to perform these tasks right from a young age. While you, as a parent, may make brushing a fun activity for the kid, flossing can be a little disapproved by the child. So, what do you do about it if the child cannot get to grips with traditional dental floss?


Sometimes called water picks, water flossers are modern and effective tools for oral hygiene. These tools use water to get rid of debris and bacteria lodged in those hard-to-reach areas of your kid’s mouth. The water is injected with adequate pressure to dislodge the nasty plaque and food particles from between the teeth. It is a simple, painless, and easy process, though it can be pretty messy. However, children will love it as they find it fun.  


Similar to water flossing, air flossing utilizes concentrated streams of air along with water micro-droplets or mouthwash to remove traces of plaque as well as bacteria and food particles from the hard-to-reach parts of the mouth. Air flossers, just like water flossers, are ideal for older kids who wear braces since they find it difficult to get around the wires and brackets with traditional floss. When debris and plaque get trapped in hard-to-reach spaces between the kid’s teeth, it can cause gum disease. To find out alternatives to traditional floss for kids, contact us at our dental office. We will guide you on how you can make flossing a fun task for your child.

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