Here at Geelan Dental Care, we offer teeth cleaning services as part of keeping your mouth and your entire body free from disease and to prevent tooth loss. Your mouth requires special care due to its active nature in eating and talking. Teeth cleaning prevents tartar and plaque from building up around your teeth. The buildup of tartar and plaque is a natural process that leads to gum disease if left unchecked.

Removing tartar from your teeth is essential as the body perceives it as a foreign invader such that your body involves the immune system to fight it off. Teeth cleaning supports your immune system in fighting off disease by keeping your oral hygiene in check. Gum disease is a response of the fight by the immune system manifesting through bleeding and inflamed gums. This increases the risk of dementia, heart disease, and stroke. This is why regular teeth cleaning must become an important part of your life. Knowing what happens during the cleaning process can ease your stress before going for the procedure.


We begin the cleaning procedure when you visit our clinic with a dental exam. Our team of dental professionals uses a small mirror for checking around your gums and teeth for any sign of gingivitis or other concerns to ensure that it is safe to proceed with cleaning. We will also perform an oral cancer screening.

A scaler is then used with the mirror as a guide to rid you of tartar and plaque between your teeth and around the gum line. Scraping sounds are normal during the removal process, and the time taken will vary depending on the buildup of tartar in your mouth.

Once your teeth are tartar free, a high-powered electric brush will be used to brush your teeth. You should expect grinding noise during the gritty toothpaste cleaning process, which is our way of getting you a deep clean while also removing any tartar missed by the scalar. The gritty consistency of the toothpaste we use gives your teeth a gentle scrub and polishes your teeth. It would help if you refrained from using this toothpaste for regular home brushing as it can cause out enamel to wear down.


An expert flossing session is an important component in the cleaning process. Our team conducts the flossing process meticulously to access deep parts of your teeth, which aids in locating potential trouble spots where the gums might bleed. Whether you floss at home regularly or not, a professional floss from our team of experts is necessary to remove any plaque left behind and toothpaste fragments from the previous cleaning steps.


Your mouth will be rinsed with liquid fluoride to remove any debris. Our team will complete the cleaning process with a fluoride treatment, which protects your teeth against cavities. A sticky paste or foamy gel of the treatment is fitted over our teeth using a mouthpiece and removed after a minute. You will be ready to eat and drink immediately after this process. For more information about cleanings, call the experienced professionals here at Geelan Dental Care at (503) 223-1322 today!