Our team of professionals at Geelan Dental Care offers complete dental exams as a vital part of preventive health care. The dental exam process involves cleaning your teeth and checking for gum disease and cavities. The dental exam also involves an evaluation of your risk to any other oral problems and a checkup of your mouth, neck, and face for abnormalities.

The dental exam process may include procedures such as dental x-rays and other diagnostic procedure. A discussion of your oral hygiene habits and diet may be necessary during a dental exam, including proper flossing and brushing techniques as well as lifestyle factors that might affect your oral health.


A dental exam protects your oral and overall health. Symptoms and signs of systemic diseases like lupus, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis might first show up in the mouth leading to early detection and treatment. The dental exam gives our professionals a chance to supply you with effective tips about caring for your teeth and detecting problems while they are most treatable.


Once you schedule an appointment at our clinic, our team begins a systematic dental examination process covering various aspects. Your oral hygiene and overall health are evaluated. Our team also examines your risk of root decay, tooth decay, and bone and gum disease. Your need for tooth replacement or restoration is also evaluated during an exam.

Our team also checks your jaw and bite for any alignment problems, which may lead to issues such as TMJ disorder. Your need for fluoride is also assessed during a dental exam, and our team may recommend a dental x-ray for other diagnostic procedures were necessary.

Our dentists are thorough and may ask you about the medications you take and any other health problem and discuss with you how these may affect your oral health. Counseling about your diet may also be conducted during a dental exam.


Our team of experts may order a dental x-ray to allow them to have a detailed view of specific parts of your mouth to help with the problem of diagnosis. Especially for parts that cannot be easily detected through a regular dental exam.


Our team will also examine any signs of oral cancer during the dental exam process. The area around your jaw, the insides of your cheeks and lips, the sides of your neck, the floor and roof of your mouth and the sides of your tongue are also felt for any sign of oral cancer.


It is common for our team of experts to recommend dental impressions to be made of one or both jaws to provide a replica of your oral tissues and teeth. This impression helps in making bleaching trays, mouthguards, and evaluating your bite. The dental exams end with a discussion of your oral health and preventive measures to protect and improve your oral health. Call or visit our experienced professionals here at Geelan Dental Care at (503) 223-1322 today for more information about dental exams!