Many of us already practice the best at-home dental care that we can give ourselves. With waterpiks, electric toothbrushes, and specialized organic toothpaste, nearly everything we could need to keep our teeth at their best can be bought at the store or online. Sometimes, however, we find out that regardless of our diligent care, we may still somehow get cavities. Hard-to-reach spots, such as behind the molars, can be especially vulnerable to tooth decay, which is why offers dental sealants as an extra layer of protection for your teeth.

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It is important to understand how cavities form to be able to appreciate better how a sealant can help you. There are bacteria in your mouth that like to eat the same things you do, including sugar. As they consume sugar, they leave behind a substance called plaque. This can collect on your teeth and if ignored, can cause tooth decay. It is simple to remove the plaque in the earliest stages. If your teeth feel have a grainy, fuzz-like texture, that is the bacteria eating the sugar. All you have to do is remove it so they can no longer use it as food.

Our back molars are primarily used for grinding and chewing, which means that they work the hardest during a meal. It may sometimes be difficult to floss well behind the molars, even with plastic dental pics which can be convenient on-the-go. As a result, our back teeth can be the most at risk for damage. Because they are so necessary, it is best to preserve them so they can function as long as we need them to. A layer of strong plastic, called a sealant, can be placed over your teeth to give them an extra layer of protection from the everyday grind.


Sealants are known to reduce the risk of decay on the molars significantly. It can be especially beneficial for children who are still learning proper dental care. When sealants are used before decay can occur, they can effectively prevent cavities for several years, which can save you money in the future. The best part is, sealants are quick to apply and also painless, so you should not experience discomfort during the procedure.

The sealants are applied after we have completed a dental cleaning. After we dry them, then we can prepare each tooth being treated with a gel that so that the sealant has something to grip. Once the gel is removed, we can dry it again, and this time add the sealant to your tooth. A special blue light can be used to set the sealant so that it can protect your tooth. It can become as hard as the enamel and may prevent further decay.

Dental sealants can erode with use just like your regular teeth. With each appointment, we can check to see how it is holding up. If we notice the sealant is wearing away, it is easy to add more simply. For more information on dental sealants and if you or your child should get them, please stop in and see us here at Geelan Dental Care or give us a call at (503) 223-1322 to schedule an appointment.