Despite doing the best we can with our teeth, sometimes there may still be issues that seem beyond our control. Even with optimal care, there can be some sensitivity whenever you consume something hot or cold. Maybe it seems like you are susceptible to decay regardless of the attention you give your teeth. It can be good to know there are ways to strengthen your enamel before problems can occur and Geelan Dental Care wants you to know all about it so that it is easier for to take care of your teeth.

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The best way to protect your mouth outside of the office can be maintaining your dental care at home. While many may believe this entails a quick brushing at night to keep their teeth in superior condition, that could not be further than the truth. While some brushing is better than none, it helps to understand why you are taking care of your teeth to be able to appreciate how important it is. Tooth decay and infection due to broken teeth can be quite uncomfortable. Our goal is to prevent it from getting to that point if possible.

The outside of your tooth is called the enamel, which is usually in constant contact with anything that goes inside your mouth. Whenever you munch on ice, it can be like chewing rocks and puts your teeth at risk for cracking. Whether something is hot or cold, your teeth can take the brunt of the impact, and if they are already sensitive, this can increase the likelihood of damage. There are excellent dental procedures for strengthening your teeth, such as sealants on vulnerable areas, but nothing can compare to good preventative care.


Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral which can be found in rocks, water, the air, and also your teeth and bones. It works so well for protecting your teeth that it is even added to the water in drinking fountains found in schools and parks. Often, it can be added to toothpaste and oral rinses. Special fluoride rinses can be prescribed if your teeth are especially prone to cavities. It is well-documented that fluoride may help restore your tooth enamel and even undo the damage caused by decay.

It can be a good idea to get children started on fluoride as soon as they understand they should not swallow the toothpaste or rinse, which is around the age of seven. This can ensure a stronger layer of protection for their developing permanent teeth, which are starting to emerge around this time. During a routine checkup, for both children and adults, we will usually conclude the exam with a fluoride gel on your teeth for added durability.


Because of how useful fluoride can be in strengthening your enamel, you can see how it may be beneficial to add it to your daily care routine. If you would like to learn more information about fluoride treatments we may offer, please come see us here at Geelan Dental Care or just call (503) 223-1322 to schedule an appointment.