Our team at Geelan Dental Care can properly fit customized mouthguards for clients at risk of dental injury from sporting activities. Many competitive and recreational sports carry a serious risk of head injuries. Any activity that can result in falling, hard physical contact, or being hit by an object makes it very easy to suffer an impact that would result in a serious dental injury. Mouthguards are a protective covering for teeth that limit the effect of such injury.

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Many sporting goods stores sell two types of sports mouthguards. Stock mouthguards are the cheapest. They are pre-formed and come ready to wear. They, however, tend to be uncomfortable as they often do not fit well over teeth. The second option is the boil and bite mouthguards that are placed in boiling water. A bite into the warm plastic is taken and molded using finger pressure to create a customized fit. These are a better option to stock mouthguards, but because this is done at home, the fit is not always correct.

Custom fit mouthguards are the best and most long-lasting solution. We take a dental impression of your teeth using a special material and use this to create a mouthguard with perfect contouring. A correctly fitted mouthguard will allow you to enjoy greater protection and comfort. It should also not impede your breathing or speech.


While stock and boil and bite mouthguards are easily available and affordable, the benefits reaped pale in comparison to custom fitted options. A well-fitting mouthguard will help prevent damage to your teeth and safeguard any dental appliances like braces. They also better protect soft tissues like the cheek and tongue when hit. All this means less likelihood of damage and consequently lower dental repair bills.

If there are any signs of wear and tear, it is advisable to get a replacement. Younger users experience dental changes like the coming in of permanent teeth, mouth growth, and changes in alignment. We advise that a new mouthguard be fitted during regular dental checkups to keep up with these changes and ensure a comfortable fit. Many young people will avoid using the mouthguard if it does not fit well, and this increases the risk of costly dental damage.

We highly recommend not wearing removable dental appliances when engaging in contact sports. Having dental appliances can increase the level of damage should you suffer a mouth injury. Invisalign® trays may be used, but they would have to be factored in when customizing the mouthguard for a comfortable fit. Be sure to inform us if you are using the trays so we can make necessary adjustments.

While soft tissue damage to the lips, tongue, gums, and cheek can often heal without scarring, injury to the teeth like chipping, breakage or entire tooth loss are more lasting and expensive to repair. Using a mouthguard is the best preventative measure and helps to reduce the danger of such damage. To find out more about your mouthguard options, contact Geelan Dental Care at (503) 223-1322 to book an appointment and speak to us.