As much as brushing and flossing are ideal for good oral health, you need to combine them with a good diet for the best results. You need to eat foods that help strengthen your teeth and keep your gums healthy. Greens are good examples. They have plenty of nutrients that will keep your oral health in good condition.


It is not a secret that leafy greens are good for your teeth and oral health. While there are many foods that could damage your teeth and gums, greens do the opposite. There is a wide range of greens you can choose from. Some can be eaten raw while others are cooked.

Leafy greens, which include arugula, lettuce, and spinach, are superfoods. This means they are low on calories but full of essential nutrients. Leafy greens are ideal for promoting dental health. They do so by fortifying the tooth enamel, an important layer that protects against bacteria. It also provides a barrier that prevents dangerous acids from causing damage. For pregnant women, leafy greens contain folic acid that helps treat periodontal disease. This is important because periodontal disease can be very harmful if left untreated.

The good thing about greens is that you can include them in any diet. You can eat them alone or incorporate them into other foods. Regardless, what is important is that you consume as many greens as possible. Your teeth and overall health will benefit immensely from these foods. Some greens also stimulate the production of saliva in your mouth. Saliva is very important in keeping your teeth clean and healthy. It does so by washing away stuck food particles and harmful bacteria that could cause infections. Saliva also helps neutralize acids that could damage the enamel. Contact us for more information on the importance of eating greens.

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