Cosmetic treatments help people improve their facial appearance and to some degree, the functionality of teeth. Teeth whitening is a frequently performed procedure in cosmetic dentistry. Currently, there is an increasing prevalence of Zoom Teeth Whitening in dentists’ offices.

Zoom Whitening is a light-activated teeth whitening treatment done in several sessions. However, the patient must also use custom whitening trays and a bleaching solution for the treatment to be effective.


Zoom Teeth Whitening requires in-office treatment followed by some home treatment. Patients need to follow the dentist’s instructions carefully for the whitening to be effective. There will be differences among patients, but the basic process is similar.

In-office treatment requires only one visit. However, the visit has roughly four sessions each lasting about 15 minutes. The dentist will coat the patient’s gums with a protective barrier. The whitening gel will then be applied, and the light shone on them to start the whitening action. After fifteen minutes, another coat of whitening gel is applied, and another fifteen-minute session starts. The treatment continues until you obtain the desired shade.


In most cases, the dentist provides customized trays, allowing you to do Zoom Teeth Whitening treatments at home. The dentist will make a clear retainer for the patient after making a mold of their teeth. The dentist will then give the patient whitening gel and solution to use at home.


A patient will achieve optimal results with take-home treatments. However, if tooth sensitivity or any other issues occur, contact the dentist. Drinking dark drinks will also reduce the effects, so avoid or limit them. Other visits to the dentist’s office may be necessary to see the progress.

Contact our office for Zoom Teeth Whitening. Our dentist will do a pre-whitening mouth inspection to establish if there could be oral issues that you have to deal with before proceeding with teeth whitening.

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