When your mouth is dehydrated, you might experience difficulty speaking, eating, or swallowing due to little saliva production. Having a sticky mouth is one of the symptoms of poor oral health. A sticky mouth puts you at the risk of getting infected with gum diseases and tooth cavities.


Certain drugs used to treat various diseases may contribute to your dry mouth. This is because most drugs deplete the amount of saliva produced in the mouth leading to a dry mouth. Some drugs may make you have frequent urination, which means a lot of water is excreted from the body leading to dehydration. Please consult your doctor about the effects of drugs on your saliva before using them.


Consuming a lot of water is one of the essential habits for proper oral health. You might lose water through excessive exercise on a hot day, thus becoming dehydrated. Lack of enough water in your mouth leads to the production of little saliva, leaving your mouth dry. Well, a dry mouth always tends to be sticky.


Tobacco use is not suitable for your oral health. It leads to dehydration, leaving your mouth sticky and causes other oral health problems such as a sore tongue. Avoid consuming tobacco for better dental health care.


Frequent cold water consumption will help keep your mouth hydrated, increasing saliva production. As mentioned above, avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and acidic foods which deprive the amount of saliva produced in the mouth will go a long way in preventing a sticky mouth.

Chew sugar-free gums since sugar is not suitable for your dental health, it might lead to cavities, and the gums will stimulate the production of saliva.

Choose the right toothpaste. Some toothpaste has ingredients that irritate your mouth, contributing to its dryness. Always use mild ingredients; they are healthy for your mouth tissues. If you have a sticky mouth, visit our clinics, we will provide a solution for your dental health.

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