In most cases, your wisdom teeth may grow without complications. But if you don’t have enough space for the teeth to erupt, you might notice your wisdom teeth growing in unusual angles. Impacted wisdom teeth can make you prone to gum diseases and tooth decay. Thus, extracting them is vital. However, due to a popular belief that impacted wisdom teeth removal is painful, many people worry about extraction.


The oral surgeon performs the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth under an anesthetic. Thus, you shouldn’t feel pain during the procedure because the area is numbed. You will only feel the pressures of the tooth and the socket separating. After the anesthesia wears off, you will likely feel discomfort and pain. Thanks to the over-the-counter pain medication and cold compress. They can help to manage the pain.

Besides, you can expect bleeding and swelling after the extraction. While this is part of healing, the oral surgeon will advise you on how to manage it. For instance, he may provide gauze so you can bite gently to manage the bleeding.


People take different times to recover after wisdom teeth removal. After a few hours of wisdom teeth extraction, you can return to your normal activities with the aid of pain medication. However, the oral surgeon may recommend resting for 3-4 days to recover. Usually, full recovery can take up to 2 weeks with proper aftercare. The surgeon may advise you to avoid hot foods and drinks during post-surgery care. Also, you will need to keep the wound clean to reduce the risk of infection.

It is good to note that the sooner you remove your impacted wisdom teeth, the fewer you risk developing complications. Visit us, and our professionals will talk to you about pain related to the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth.

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