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Talk to Us When You Have Dental Questions

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Aron Geelan, DMD
Talk to Us When You Have Dental QuestionsSometimes, it can take a mere phone call with our dentists to resolve a long-standing, pressing dental health concern. That's because our dentists are always very informative and responsive, and can use a single phone call to assuage your fears about your dental health problems, whether they're an emergency or a long-winding problem.

Talking to us about your dental problems will also help significantly forestall any chances of developing serious dental problems. We'll help you identify any lurking dental problems and proffer ways to nib them before they snowball into more dangerous conditions. A timely call to our offices can help you quickly remedy conditions like tooth sensitivity, tooth abscess, broken or chipped teeth, grinding teeth, gum problems, and a whole lot more.

The Most Common Questions that We Help Tackle From our Help Desks

A tooth abscess is one of the most common problems that patients call in about. That's because tooth abscess occurs in a wide variety of forms and levels of intensity, depending on a combination of various factors. We can prescribe some over-the-counter antibiotics and painkillers for your abscess teeth for immediate relief, or we can ask you to come over to our offices for a more thorough examination and treatment regimen, depending on your unique situation.

Many people also call in about tooth sensitivity. If you begin feeling sharp, shooting pains in your mouth after consuming hot, cold, acidic, or sugary food and beverages, you may be dealing with some degree of tooth sensitivity. Teeth sensitivity can be symptomatic of more serious health conditions, so you need to talk to us to ensure that any possible underlining conditions are treated effectively.

We're also always predisposed to take dental emergency calls involving problems like broken, chipped or lost teeth, bleeding gums, etc. You can also call us to ask about teeth whitening procedures to determine what suits you best in terms of your budget, dental health, and other unique personal factors. Whatever the issue is, so long as it's related to your dental health, you can always rest assured that you come out better equipped to confront the issue when you call us. Call us today.

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