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Broken Denture Emergency

Posted on 2/7/2022 by Aron Geelan, DMD
Broken Denture EmergencyOne of the most dangerous problems with complete dentures is a broken denture. It is more common with the top denture, although it can also occur with the bottom denture. The cause of denture fracture varies. Denture breakage can be caused by wear and tear. After years of use, dentures have been subjected to several stress cycles of chewing and regular wear. A denture may also be worn down by temperature changes in hot and cold foods and beverages, as well as certain acidic foods and even moisture in your mouth. The jaw may shrink over time due to progressive bone loss. When your denture does not fit properly, it can move around in your mouth, creating pressure points that can crack or shatter your denture. A common cause of denture damage is accidental or incidental breakage. During daily activities, dentures may fall out accidentally. Dentures must be removed at night. You are more likely to drop or misplace your denture when you simply remove it from your mouth.

If Your Denture Breaks

Please contact us if your denture breaks so that we can examine it. We do not recommend using the denture "repair kits" on the market. Denture repair requires expert knowledge and experience, as well as the use of appropriate materials. You can try a temporary denture repair at home, but there is a chance that we won't be able to fix the denture.

Your Options For a Broken Denture

Whether or not the denture can be repaired depends on the type of break and the cause. We may be able to repair your denture at the same appointment visit in some cases. In some situations, we may need to return it to the dental lab. If this is the case, your dentist will discuss your alternatives with you while your dentures are at the lab, as well as the estimated time frame. If your dentures are not fitting properly, your dentist may propose relining them, or if they are old and worn, he or she may suggest creating a new and better fitting denture. Contact us at any time if you have a broken denture, have concerns regarding denture repair or replacement, or would like a free consultation to learn more about over-dentures.

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