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CEREC Same Day Crown
Portland, OR

Dental assistant assisting with CEREC technology at Geelan Dental Care in downtown Portland.Dental crowns are known to enhance your oral health and aesthetically improve your smile. Whether you suffer from tooth decay or a fracture or even undergo normal tooth restoration, a dental crown might be one of the first suggestions that a dental professional will recommend. If you are looking to restore your smile and want to do it quickly, then you could consider getting a CEREC dental crown which is known as a same day dental crown. Sometimes people are pressed for time because they have work commitments or because they need to attend a public function which cannot be done without the right dental crown in place. If you have any such problems and you are looking to get a dental crown quickly, then you can visit Geelan Dental Care to learn more about the CEREC dental crown.

Understanding The CEREC Dental Crown

A CEREC dental crown is also known as a same day crown and this crown is fitted on your tooth the very same day you visit our dental clinic. This is a modern technology and is extremely effective in cases where you are pressed for time and you simply cannot wait. This crown is designed using 3D technology and you will manage to get your tooth restored quickly.

Less Invasive

Although some people believe that CEREC crowns cost a lot of money, you should know that this crown is cost-effective and with the help of the right professional you will not need to worry about visiting your dentist over and over again for various dental procedures.

CEREC Crown Design and Manufacturing

The CEREC crown design and manufacturing is a chairside procedure that is carried out while sitting in the dentist chair. It involves creating a virtual (3D) replica of your tooth from your dental images. This replica (design) is then sent to the CEREC 3D milling machine. A ceramic block that matches the color shade of your teeth is also fed to the machine, thus allowing for the creation of a natural-looking crown. The whole process takes about 10 to 20 minutes for a single crown.

What Can You Expect During a CEREC Crown Procedure?

The custom crown procedure is carried out in the following simple steps:
•  Dental Exam - Your teeth will be examined to determine the right treatment for the damage.
•  Tooth preparation - Once the crown procedure is confirmed, the damaged tooth is prepared for the crown procedure by removing any damaged section and trimming away part of the enamel.
•  Crown design and manufacture - A dental image is taken and used to design your custom crown, before being sent to the CEREC machine for manufacturing.
•  Placement of the crown - The custom crown is placed on the prepared tooth, using a bonding material to cement it into place. The crown may be used to complete a dental implant, or for an inlay or onlay. The crown is then polished, giving your restored tooth a great appearance.

Are you experiencing dental problems? Geelan Dental Care can offer you the much needed dental solutions, including same day CEREC crowns to fix them. Call us today at (971) 323-1990 to schedule an appointment.

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