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Dental Bridges

At Geelan Dental Care we are trendsetters when it comes to dental healthcare. Dental bridges are among our most impressive solutions for damaged teeth. Bridges are more like crowns, only that they are used when one has lost a couple of teeth and left with a large tooth gap. Bridges are a series of connected crowns that are used to fill the large tooth gaps. Using a single crown for each lost tooth would be tedious, and the crowns would not be very strong.

Bridges are also permanent, and they function just like natural teeth after they’ve healed. Bridges are mainly used to cover teeth that have lost their shape as a result of tooth decay. They are also used to cap Dental Implants. Bridges can also be used to improve one’s cosmetic appearance.

We make bridges from either ceramic, porcelain, silver or gold. You can go for any material of your choice, depending on what results you are looking for, and how much money you are willing to spend on bridges. Porcelain and gold are expensive.

Bridging Procedure

Bridges are anchored on either some of the teeth adjacent to the tooth gap or on dental implants. There are three types of bridges. They are traditional bridges, cantilever bridges, and implant-supported bridges. The most appropriate one for you depends on the condition of the tooth gaps.

Traditional bridges are the most common type of bridges. After losing two or more teeth, and there still are strong natural teeth remaining on either side of the gap, these teeth are used as the anchors for the bridge. These teeth are shaped as abutments, and the bridge is cemented onto them. These are traditional bridges, and they are only ideal for small tooth gaps.

Cantilever Bridges

Cantilever bridges are like traditional Bridges; only that only one tooth is used as the anchor. These are often attached when the teeth lost were at the end of the jaw bone. In such a case, only one side of the tooth gap has a tooth that can be used as an anchor. The tooth has to be strong enough though to at as an anchor.

If you have a large tooth gap, dental implants are valuable. They help to prevent the loss of jawbone. A couple of titanium dental implants are placed in the tooth gap and allowed to heal, and then a bridge is placed over them. The number of implants to be placed depends on the size of the gaps, but two implants are enough in most instances.

Our bridges are custom-made. As such, our dentists have first to take an impression of your tooth gap so that they can model the tooth for you. Once ready, a special adhesive is used to attach it to the anchor teeth or implants. If you need the bridge removed at any point for any reason, you must have a professional remove it. Do not try to remove it by yourself.

You can contact Geelan Dental Care at (971) 323-1990 if you need to ask any questions regarding dental healthcare.

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