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Dental Frequently Asked Questions

A woman on her phone looking at dental FAQs at Geelan Dental Care in Portland, ORAt Geelan Dental Care, our dentists field questions every day from our patients, and they have the expertise to answer every one of them in great detail. Some questions we receive more often than others as we observe common trends among our patients.

How Can I Best Take Care Of My Teeth At Home?

The first step in taking care of your teeth is to determine your own oral health needs. For example, if you take certain medicines, your mouth may be drier which can affect how often you need to use fluorides. If you are pregnant, your gums may become inflamed more often, which is known as pregnancy gingivitis. Those of our patients who have braces also need to clean their teeth more carefully and with greater precision. Any of these factors and more can affect your daily approach to your dental health.

A key facet of proper oral care is your brushing and flossing routine. Everyone should brush twice a day or more. This helps to remove plaque, the mass of bacteria that forms on your teeth over time. If left alone, plaque can turn the sugars found in your food into acids that lead to tooth decay. Flossing helps you remove this plaque from all sides of your teeth and at the gum line, and so should be done at least once a day.

How Often Should I Come In For A Dental Checkup?

While we love to see you come into our office, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that adult patients visit a dentist one or two times a year. This is encouraged even if your mouth is in great condition because it allows us to see any potential problems early as well as give you a professional tooth cleaning on a regular basis. Coming in to see us acts as a preventative approach to issues that may appear in your mouth, and can help make your treatment simpler and more affordable. If you already have some dental problems, we recommend speaking to our dentists and possibly coming in more often to reflect your need for additional care.

Why Does The Dentist Take X-rays?

Dental x-rays are a relatively new dental technology that permits us to obtain the greatest amount of information possible about your dental health. Digital x-rays allow us to swiftly examine your mouth’s hidden areas for potential problems and often we can pass on the results to you in the same day. These x-rays can reveal small zones of decay between the teeth or beneath existing fillings. If you have a concealed tumor, x-rays can even help to save your life. Most adults have bitewing x-rays annually and a series of full mouth x-rays every four or five years.

Our patients at Geelan Dental Care present us with an endless variety of inquisitive questions about their dental health on a daily basis. While these may be some of the most common concerns, you may not see your question answered here. If you would like to know more about any of these issues or have a question of your own, call us today at (971) 323-1990.

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At Geelan Dental Care, our dentists field questions every day from our patients, and they have the expertise to answer every one of them in great detail. Call us today!
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