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Periodontal Maintenance

At our Geelan Dental Care clinic, we provide periodontal maintenance care to those in need of this specialized service. Dental cleanings are a normal part of regular checkups. Even for those that religiously brush and floss their teeth, there is still some level of plaque buildup and tartar formation that occurs. Dental cleanings aid in the removal of these damaging materials and prevents staining. When this buildup is however ignored, tartar forms underneath the gumline and periodontal disease can develop.

Once periodontal gum disease occurs, routine dental cleaning is never quite enough. Periodontal cleaning is the prescribed option. It is a specialized deep cleaning that focuses on clearing excessive pockets of plaque and tartar. Periodontal pockets form in the spaces between the tooth and gumline. They are not typically visible to the naked eye. This makes it necessary to have a professional make the exam and perform the cleaning procedure.

Why Periodontal Maintenance?

For some people, periodontitis does not seem to be much of a concern, especially as there is no pain during the early stages. There are however, some worrying complications that can develop later. With time, periodontal disease causes gum recession. This means that the gumline pulls away from the tooth. Not only can it be unattractive, but it also leads to increased tooth sensitivity.

The bacteria in the plaque and tartar also enters into the bone that supports the tooth, resulting in both tooth and bone loss. An x-ray may be required to confirm this. It also usually results in excessive tooth mobility. In many later stages, one may also notice the buildup of ‘exudate,’ a pus-like liquid along the gumline. The gums can also become inflamed due to gingivitis and begin to bleed.

Possible Risk Factors

While plaque and tartar buildup is the primary cause of periodontal disease, there are certain conditions that make a person more likely to develop it. Certain illnesses that interfere with the body’s immune system increase the risk of developing this condition This includes HIV, diabetes, and cancers. Even where the illness is being well managed, there can be medications with side effects that negatively affect oral health. Some encourage the growth of abnormal tissues in the oral cavity or cause dry mouth.

Smoking is also very damaging. This is because of nicotine that tends to reduce circulation in the body. Poor delivery of blood to tissues makes it more difficult for gums to heal. Having a family history of the condition also increases one’s risk of developing it. Hormonal fluctuations are another risk factor that can cause gum tissues to become more sensitive.

Due to the faster buildup of plaque and tartar that occurs with periodontal disease, these cleanings are recommended on a more frequent basis. While dental cleanings are prescribed every six months, periodontal checkups are recommended almost twice as often, every 3-4 months.

Sadly periodontal gum disease afflicts the majority of adults. Due to the serious damage that can be caused, it is important to adhere to a regular cleaning schedule that will preserve dental health and prevent consequences that are more serious. If you suspect periodontal disease, contact our experienced team at Geelan Dental Care at (971) 323-1990 today, and we will help you determine the best way to manage the condition.

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