Teeth whitening is among the most performed procedures to improve the smile’s aesthetics. While this process is unique, choosing the proper whitening procedure matters a lot to ensure that no effects from the treatment will cause issues to oral health.

The techniques used to whiten the teeth include:


The photoactivation procedure is a general procedure in many dentists’ offices. The process is based on using a whitening gel activated by directly applying laser light, LED, or ultraviolet light. Furthermore, this procedure should not be done in case there is the presence of dental problems such as cavities, caries, periodontal diseases, and plaques.

The dentists perform the procedure by choosing a suitable light source for each person; however, laser light is the most effective and produces more significant results; it causes greater dental hypersensitivity.

Additionally, the LED light photoactivation technology whitens the teeth quickly. At the same time, using the gel allows protection to the enamel and improves the teeth brightness of the teeth thus reducing sensitivity.


This whitening procedure produces immediate results effectively and safely. A single session during the process requires forty to sixty minutes for completion; however, a complete oral check-up is done before the procedure takes place.

The dentists create a mold that is used in placing the whitening gel on the teeth. Furthermore, this allows protection of the soft tissues of the gums, teeth, and palate during ongoing treatment. After the whitening procedure, dental agents that will enable remineralization of the enamel and vitamins that strengthen the soft tissues are applied.

In general, no matter the whitening procedure you choose, it’s important to make dental consultations before undergoing the treatment to ensure that you are suitable. Also, it’s essential to maintain a food diet that does not cause pigmentations to the already treated teeth.

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