Fillings have the potential of being a long-lasting solution for a cracked or damaged tooth. Normally, they can be taken care of in the same manner as your natural teeth through routine brushing, flossing, and rinsing. However, fillings, just like your natural teeth, may need to be removed over time either due to damage or excessive wear and tear. Here are a few signs that you will need to replace your fillings.


One sign your filling may need to be replaced soon is a heightened pain or sensitivity in your teeth. Constant pain or heightened sensitivity in a tooth with a filing could be a sign that the filling has either cracked or did not adhere completely to the side of the tooth. A cracked filling could a result of the unconscious grinding of your teeth, also known as bruxism, or other trauma to your mouth. If a filling is fractured, bacteria will be able to seep inside and cause a cavity even under your filling.

If the filling did not adhere to your tooth completely, this is known as a leaky filling. When this happens, the nerves close to the surface of your teeth may become exposed which will heighten the sensitivity of your teeth to hot, cold, or pressure.


Another sign is a discoloration of your fillings. Just like your natural teeth, fillings are vulnerable to foods and drinks that are prone to staining such as wine, coffee, and black tea. While this is a more cosmetic sign, it still might be time to change your fillings if they become yellow or darker shade than your natural teeth. If your fillings are made from a composite resin material, they can fade and become darker over time. If you are concerned about the strength and health of your fillings, call us today.

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