As the name suggests, tooth whitening is a process which lightens your teeth by getting rid of discolorations and stains. You can be at ease knowing that at Geelan Dental Care, we have the necessary technology and expertise to carry out this procedure to make your teeth look better.

You should also know this procedure isn’t a one-visit process. Instead, it may take multiple visits, especially if you are looking for the brightest result.

In most cases, people will come in for tooth whitening for cosmetic reasons. In other cases, it may be due to the genes affecting enamel’s smoothness and thickness. The tooth’s natural color comes from a reflection of light and its scattering off the tooth’s enamel coupled with the dentin’s color.

A thinner enamel will allow the dentin, which is underneath the enamel, to show. Also, a rough or smooth enamel will affect the light’s reflection and eventually the color. The enamel picks up multiple stains every day. Since the enamel has pores, this means it can hold the stains.

These stains can come from a variety of sources including tobacco, red wine, cola, coffee, tea, or any other dark-colored fluids. Another reason could be due to poor oral health and aging. As you get old, the enamel thins and the dentin darkens which results in less bright teeth.


Before starting the procedure, our dentists will examine your overall oral health. If you have cavities, they’ll have to be treated before moving forward because the solution used may seep through to the decayed areas.

If everything is perfect, photos of the teeth will be taken before the procedure. This is crucial to determine the treatment’s effectiveness. Also, expect questions during the examination to find the root cause of the stains.

The next step involves cleaning the teeth to get rid of food, bacteria, and other substances which may be causing the stain. Afterward, the whitening will start. Our dentists will make trays containing the whitening gel, which will be attached to your teeth. You may need to apply this gel every day for up to three weeks.

The whitening procedure comes in two ways. The first is non-vital whitening, which is suitable for patients whose staining problem comes from the inside. In this case, a whitening agent will be placed on the tooth’s inside covered with a temporary filling. This will remain in place for a few days before repeating if the desired color isn’t achieved.

The second type is vital whitening, which happens at the clinic and is much faster. The agent contains hydrogen peroxide, and a laser will be used to activate the bleaching agent, thus allowing the whitening to take place faster. In this procedure, you can expect to take a maximum of 90 minutes for a single visit.

You may be required to go in for multiple visits, but that will depend on the stain severity and the shade you wish to achieve. Our dentists will guide you through the entire process, so don’t hesitate to contact Geelan Dental Care at (503) 223-1322 for more information on tooth whitening.