We use our teeth more times than we realize. On any given day, it is difficult to measure how much we use our teeth, or even pinpoint specifically when, as it is a subconscious effort. Smiles are often second nature, and speaking falls into the same basket. Eating and chewing or drinking often can bring attention to our teeth. One such phenomenon is experiencing sensitivity while eating. Sensitivity prevents us from damaging our mouths, but other times, sensitivity becomes a discomfort when trying to enjoy rather harmless meals. Fortunately, there are treatments to combat this discomfort.


First, it is important to understand the nature of your tooth sensitivity. What is causing your sensitive teeth? There are several factors that contribute to those nerves firing off more often than usual. One common origin for sensitive teeth is due to worn enamel. Enamel protects and makes up our teeth structurally. Missing enamel is like missing the clear coat on car paint. Other causes for sensitivity could be due to more severe decay, damage, or gum and tooth disease. Sourcing the cause of sensitive teeth is important to treating it efficiently.

Common treatments for reduced enamel include just building up enamel via toothpaste and applying fluoride to the teeth in order to strengthen them. The fluoride and other minerals found in toothpaste can make your teeth stronger and less prone to sending false alarm pain signals so often. For decay caused by bacteria or from damage incurred via chipping or cracking, bonding and fillings are ideal for stopping those overactive nerves.

Regardless of the nature surrounding tooth sensitivity, treatments are available, and occasionally rather simple. The best investment comes from brushing with toothpaste that prevents cavities and promotes stronger teeth through fluoride and other minerals. If you have any questions regarding tooth sensitivity, contact our office with full comfort and confidence today.

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