When maintaining dental health, saliva plays an important role. Saliva is a clear liquid that the salivary glands in the mouth secrete, and it has several ingredients that help clean and preserve teeth and gums. Here are some of how saliva contributes to dental health:


It’s easy to get tooth decay when the enamel wears out due to bacteria that form from the food you eat. Saliva contains bicarbonate, which buffers acidity in the mouth and neutralizes this acid. Additionally, saliva’s minerals, calcium, and phosphate can assist in repairing acid-damaged tooth enamel.


Saliva assists in washing away food particles and other debris from the mouth, limiting the growth of bacteria and plaque on teeth and gums. This can aid in the prevention of gum disease and cavities.


Saliva contains a variety of antibacterial substances, such as enzymes and antibodies, that can aid in destroying dangerous oral bacteria. Additionally, saliva encourages the creation of these substances by oral immune cells, maintaining a healthy oral environment.


Growth factors and other proteins found in saliva can aid in promoting tissue repair and wound healing in the mouth. This may help in hastening the recovery from dental work or other traumas. Therefore, you must also eat healthy food to ensure you have healthy saliva.


Saliva assists in keeping the mouth moist, preventing dryness, and lowering the risk of oral health issues, including tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque and germs can accumulate in the mouth due to a dry mouth, raising the risk of dental problems. Make sure you visit our dentist today and learn more about the role of saliva in dental health.

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