Dental veneer and crowns are among the most commonly used tooth cosmetic restorations by patients. Veneers and crowns restore your worn-out, damaged, discolored, weak, or decayed teeth. You may find yourself having a rough time differentiating the two dental procedures based on the few similarities they have. The effective and high-quality veneers and crown restorations ensure you regain your smile and confidence. Here are some of the similarities between crown and veneers.


Veneers and crowns are all created from dental-grade ceramic. Also, the customization of veneers and crowns requires matching of precise color and texture of your natural tooth enamel to assist in making the restoration subtle and disguised. The process of designing and fabricating veneers and crowns are the same, and that is why they have similar visual elements.


Another clear similarity between veneers and crowns is that both mimic the contour of your teeth. Crowns and veneers fit perfectly over your tooth’s structure to cover the surface defects of your teeth. They offer your teeth an aesthetic make-over. Based on having a composition similarity, both veneer and crown bonding on your tooth surface requires the use of similar dental adhesives. The adhesives used ensure the two cosmetic restorations can last for numerous years without you having the need to replace them.


The preparation process between crowns and veneers before placement is similar. The two require the removal of a thin layer of your tooth enamel by buffing or grinding the tooth creating a space to allow effective cosmetic restoration.

Although crowns cover the entire tooth surface, veneers cover the visible portion of your teeth both these cosmetic restorations require a professional to handle your needs. To have a consultation with our qualified personnel, please book an appointment by contacting our offices today. We are always happy to assist you with your dental needs!

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