Before visiting any doctor, dentist or other medical professional an extent of apprehension is likely to hit you. However, if your anxiety or fear affects your capacity and willingness to go for a dental checkup, you are likely to be experiencing dental phobia. Dental phobia happens because you may fear pain, feel embarrassed about your teeth or gums and maybe you previously had a bad experience. You do not have to worry, just follow the steps below and learn how to overcome your dental fears.


You have to have a clear understanding of what you feel in order to address your fears or anxiety. Ensure you write your fears down to easily talk about them. Listing your fears allows the professional to understand what is causing your dental anxiety and how you can deal with it.


Having close friends or family gives you extra strength and assurance to undergo a dental examination. They encourage you to go through with the test and motivate you along the way. Always ensure you go with someone who does not have dental phobia.


Using relaxation techniques can assist you to remain calm during your dental treatment. Among the ways proven to offer a relaxing feeling is through something known as “controlled breathing,” which relaxes your muscles and slows down the rate of your heartbeat.


The sounds of drills and suction tubes may create a tense mood in the examination room. You can distract yourself by watching the TV, wearing your earplugs, or watch videos on your phone. Distractions take your mind off the tense medical environment and relax your heartbeat.


Not knowing the dentistry surgical tools makes you fear them. When we take the time to tell you the names of each tool and its purpose, you can familiarize yourself with the tool. In turn, they become less scary the next time you see them. It is okay to fear going for a check-up, however, you should not miss a check-up because of anxiety. Make sure you visit our offices today and learn more ways of overcoming your dental fear!

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