Brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily are two parts of a healthy oral care regimen. However, there is no harm in brushing and flossing once or twice more in a day, especially in response to foods that stain or are sticky. Some of our patients choose to brush during their work shifts after a meal or a snack. Our professionals have compiled some ways to make workday oral hygiene more effective.


For motivation, our patients should consider the impact that their smiles have on their business. A healthy smile can impress co-workers, supervisors, and customers, especially for patients with customer service or front-facing jobs. Patients should ensure that their workstations have ample toothpaste, floss, and a fresh soft-bristled toothbrush.

Having the supplies on hand will make for an easier, quicker break for a mouth-cleaning. While at work, patients should refrain from sugary foods, acidic drinks, and acidic foods, replacing them with teeth-friendly foods such as celery and cheese. Drinking water is an excellent strategy both to regulate pH levels in the mouth and to remove food debris and harmful bacteria from the mouth. And if the water is fluoridated, then the fluoride in the water will fortify the teeth’s enamel. However, patients should not brush immediately after eating or drinking, as the low pH level of the mouth will lead to damage. Our team recommends waiting at least an hour after eating or drinking for brushing and flossing.

Some companies offer incentives and rewards for attending routine check-ups and using good oral care habits; patients may be able to work with their supervisors to enact such programs when they do not yet exist in the company. If you have questions or need ideas about brushing in your workplace, contact our office for an exam or a consultation.

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