Diabetes is a long-lasting condition that affects blood sugar. Insulin, the enzyme that regulates blood sugar, malfunctions which leads to the condition. Diabetes patients lack this enzyme or have developed tolerance to its effects. Uncontrolled diabetes may cause high blood sugar and other health problems.

There are several effects that diabetes has on the human body, but there are three of them that have a direct influence on dental health. White blood cells are the cells in our blood that protect our body from a wide variety of illnesses. When this defensive mechanism isn’t working, our body is more susceptible to infection from bacteria and viruses.

Patients who have diabetes are thus at an increased risk of acquiring illnesses such as periodontitis and gum disease. Diabetes also impairs blood circulation in tiny blood vessels, which may make it more difficult for wounds to heal generally in soft tissues. This can be a problem if diabetes is present. Diabetes has additional effects, one of which is a dry mouth.


An oral surgical incision leaves a wound that typically heals within a few days. This healing process is hindered in diabetes patients because, as discussed previously, high sugar blood levels impact blood circulation. This leaves the wound exposed for a more extended time, and when coupled with the compromised immune system, the patient is at a greater risk of developing infections that can have far-reaching effects on their oral and general health.


Oral surgeons from our practice are qualified to treat individuals suffering from a wide variety of medical conditions. If you have hypoglycemia and need surgical intervention, please do not be reluctant to contact one of our dental practices and make an appointment as soon as possible.

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