Tooth extraction entails completely detaching the tooth from the socket. It is also referred to as pulling a tooth. Many factors necessitate a tooth extraction: infection, crowded tooth, cavity, fracture, and gum diseases.


The delight of any dentist is to save as much of the natural tooth as possible. This could either be through restorative dental fillings or crowns. Regardless, there are extents of damage that cannot be fixed by fillings. Severe infection that extends to the pulp is one typical example. The pulp is the very central component that holds the blood vessels and the nerves in the tooth. If the decay has touched the pulp, the only option then would be a tooth extraction. Extraction prevents the spread of bacteria to the gums and the adjacent teeth.


Orthodontic treatment seeks to address teeth misalignment through devices such as braces. Issues such as teeth overcrowding necessitate the need to extract a tooth or two. That way, the rest of the teeth have sufficient room to grow optimally as they should.


Injury to the teeth may result in fractures and knocked-out roots. In such events, extraction comes in handy to address the damage.


Gum disease affects the tissue and bones that surround the teeth. As the disease advances, it results in bone loss. As such, the support system for the teeth diminishes with time. Over time the teeth may become loose and the only option is to extract them.


Third molars most often are limited in terms of space. As such, they get trapped in the jawbone and this can cause other dental complications. You may begin to experience pain and the nerves can translate the pain to the adjacent teeth. To guard against damage to the other teeth, doctors opt for extraction. Tooth extraction is a last resort. Our doctors will explore all other viable options with you to save as much of your natural tooth. Call us today to schedule a personalized consultation as per your needs.

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