What have you heard about teeth that left you confused? There are so many misconceptions about oral health that are spread in society. It is therefore important to visit a professional dentist regularly and ask questions for clarity.


Brushing your teeth in the morning and evening is enough to maintain oral health. While this is one of the ways to practice good oral hygiene, it is not enough. You should also incorporate dental floss to floss your teeth and tongue and use mouthwashes to ensure you have healthy teeth and gums.

Cavities are caused by sweets. Eating candy may cause cavities but this is not always true. Other foods such as carbs when eaten also cause the mouth to produce acid to digest them. This acid may erode your tooth enamel and eventually lead to a tooth cavity.


Bleeding gums indicate a problem. Healthy gums are not supposed to bleed if you brush the right way and do not apply a lot of force when cleaning your teeth. Infected or weak gums tend to bleed when you eat, brush or floss.

Anyone is prone to tooth cavities. Many people think that only children get cavities, but the truth is even adults get cavities. Buildup of plaque wears out the enamel and eventually creates a hole in the tooth in both adults and children.

Oral health is important for your overall health. Tooth decay and infections can cause serious illness, hence affecting your general health. Your body also needs food for nourishment which passes through the mouth so dental health is a contributing factor to your overall well-being. If you have questions about teeth and dental health, visit our clinic and get answers from our team of professionals.

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