Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in America and around the world. Its taste, aroma and warmth have a huge impact on how our day looks. Its stimulating ability gives your body and mind that kick start it needs to get going and tackle the day.

However, coffee can be a disaster to your teeth if left unchecked. One of the biggest concerns for coffee drinkers is staining their teeth and bringing about other problems such as tooth sensitivity and so forth. So, how do we make coffee safer for our teeth?


Being a very popular drink, people love to get their own spin on it to get it to taste in a certain way. This means getting additives such as crème, sugar and other sweeteners. By itself, coffee has a pH of about 5. At this range, the coffee is great for your teeth. However, research has shown that by having these additives, you are effectively increasing the acidity in the coffee, which helps the coffee stain your teeth and also erode your enamel. As such, enjoying coffee is great, but without the sweeteners.


Although coffee is one of the most popular drinks when socializing with people. As such, people tend to take their time with the drink. When you slowly sip the drink, it keeps the drink in contact with your teeth for a longer time than normal. This makes staining that much easier. To avoid this, make sure that you don’t spend so much time with that cup of coffee.


After you have had your drink of coffee, it’s important that you take some time to rinse your mouth. When you do this, you wash down the coffee that was in your mouth, which takes away every acidic element and sugar which was in the drink. Without rinsing your mouth, the sugars in the coffee might stick around, becoming more harmful to your teeth.

Since it might be unrealistic to cut off coffee from your diet, it’s going to be easier to make it safer for your teeth. By doing these things, you enjoy your coffee, but also take care of your teeth.

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