If you’ve always wanted to get crowns on your teeth, look no further than Geelan Dental Care. We are experts when it comes to dental crowns and all other kinds of dental implants. Crowns are used to repair teeth that have been fractured or broken. They are also used to cap off dental implants so that they can have the shape of a natural tooth. Your teeth may be damaged by either trauma or decay.

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Crowns are prosthetics that are either made of ceramic, porcelain, gold, or silver. You can choose any material depending on how much you are willing to spend. Gold and porcelain are the most expensive. These materials are biocompatible and will, therefore, easily fuse with your natural dental structures. A special type of adhesive is used to attach them to the tooth or dental implant.

Crowns are arguably the most used dental prosthetics. Crowns can also be used to improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. Crowns are permanent and should only be removed by a professional if need be. The damaged tooth has first to be repaired still be repaired before the crown is attached. Our dentists must ensure the tooth is strongly rooted.


Tooth crowning is a simple dental procedure that can be easily completed in our dentist’s office. As already mentioned, there are a couple of scenarios in which a crown might prove necessary. First, if you have suffered tooth decay, our dentist will have to clean the tooth. There are various procedures for cleaning a decayed tooth. The one used depends on the severity of the decay. Our dentist has to ensure that they have extracted all the decayed material before a crown is attached. Once the decayed material has been removed, and the truth has been disinfected, it is filed and shaped properly for it to act as an anchor for the crown.

If your tooth is broken or fractured, our dentist has first to remove any loose fractures or chippings. He/she will then shape the tooth into an abutment before attaching the crown. As mentioned earlier, some people also opt to have crowns attached to their teeth for aesthetic purposes. If you have colored teeth, you can have crowns attached over your teeth to disguise them.

Last but not least, crowns are used after dental implants have been inserted. After you’ve lost a tooth or two, you risk losing jawbone volume if you do not get the tooth gap left filled up. It is, therefore, important that you get dental implants immediately. Dental implants are often titanium posts that are planted into the jawbone. These pieces of metal are not going to be left bare in your mouth. They must be covered using a crown.

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