If you have had to suffer through losing teeth and coming to terms with that then you have made the decision to do something about your tooth loss and get dentures. You have had to get used to using adhesive to keep the dentures in place. And you have also had to get used to taking them out every night and cleaning them thoroughly. All changes you’ve come to terms with and accepted. Until now.

What has you so worked up? The fact is that dentures do not last forever, and they do actually wear out. It’s not a myth. In fact, most dental professionals recommend swapping out dentures every five to seven years. That’s right. Five to seven years.


Well, unfortunately, not even the best denture manufacture can make any complete or partial denture, as well as your natural teeth, are made. You’d think with all the advancements in dental care, it wouldn’t be so hard, but apparently, it is. Dentures are actually much softer than natural teeth. Due to this, they wear down much faster. They are also more porous and apt to stain easier than natural teeth. As they wear, they grow softer and can retain bacteria. This can lead to potential infections in the gum tissue. All of those reasons are why they should be replaced.


While it might seem like someone pulled a fast one on you, they really didn’t. Although it is recommended to get new dentures every five to seven years, it is not always necessary. As with most anything, if properly cared for, dentures can last considerably longer. Proper care means, cleaning them each and every night. This hinders bacterial growth and helps keep the oral cavity free of infection. The dentures should also be brought in for the twice-yearly examinations and cleanings at the dentist’s office. They can be inspected to ensure they will still properly fit.

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