For optimal dental care, it can be pretty important for us to be able to get a good look at your mouth. Through frequent brushing and flossing at home, we know you are already doing the best you can away from your appointments, so what is the best we can do for you when you are here? The answer, of course, is to take crystal clear images of your teeth so we can prepare a treatment plan that anticipates your needs. It can be easily done with the right equipment and Geelan Dental Care is excited to share some revolutionary new technology designed for extraordinary quality and precise results.


Because recently everything in the modern world seems to have gone digital, which can include movies, music, and even books available for reading online, it makes perfect sense that if something that entertains you can be made better, why not find a way to improve your oral care with it as well? We can take your medical history, including bulky x-rays, each piece of medical history, and every scrap of paperwork, to create a secure digital copy on the internet. Through this, we can access your information with a few clicks of the mouse and send it anywhere it may need to go, which may include your care providers or even onto a portable USB drive which can be taken anywhere.

Intraoral cameras are an incredible breakthrough that is becoming used in dental offices more often for exceptional treatment practices. We are not only able to see inside your mouth much better than we would with a standard dental mirror, but we can have images available almost immediately to share with you. Because we can see inside your mouth within seconds of taking pictures, that means we can begin planning your treatment together the very same day as your appointment. This means less time away from your busy schedule and more time spent focused on repairing your mouth.


Many intraoral cameras can see more awkward angles of your mouth that may be harder to get to when brushing or flossing. Through these cameras, many of which are no larger than an ink pen, we can see where plaque may be built up and advise a method for you to access it better. It is also possible to detect cracks or inflammation on the back molars that may have otherwise been missed. With the benefit of these cameras, it is easy to save the images right to your file so we can quickly reference them any time you have an appointment to make sure to stay on top of any changes to your mouth every year.

Some dental technology may seem a bit daunting to us, such as the recent introduction of a self-brushing toothbrush, so it is a good idea to remember that even with the more obscure inventions coming out every few months that there are also more than a few upgrades available now that can help you get the most out of your dental appointments.

Because time can be very important when it comes to your health, when you do not have to wait for results, it is easier to receive excellent oral care. To schedule an appointment with us here at Geelan Dental Care please do not hesitate to call our office at (503) 223-1322.