The distinction between a dental emergency and non-emergency typically depends on the severity of your symptoms. For instance, the same category of injury could cause basic minor pain and nothing else for one person, but severe pain and bleeding for another. In general, if your injury causes severe pain, uncontrollable bleeding, severe infection, or you have lost a tooth, then it is probably a dental emergency. You can always give us a call for more advice on dental injuries and diseases.


Many of the most common dental emergencies occur as a result of illness or injury. For instance, dental injuries typically include cracked or chipped teeth, teeth that have been knocked out, fractured teeth, and objects stuck in the mouth. Accidentally biting your cheek or tongue can also cause a pretty serious injury involving bleeding and severe pain. In addition, symptoms such as severe tooth pain or swelling can indicate underlying infection and should be examined immediately.


Some dental conditions should be treated, but are not necessarily emergencies. If a tooth is chipped or cracked, but does not cause pain or bleeding, you do not need to rush to our office. Toothaches without the addition of other symptoms, like swelling or fever, can generally wait to be treated. Other conditions that would not qualify as an emergency includes lost crowns or fillings, cavities, and ulcers.

Call us if you have any questions about these conditions. We will refer you to an emergency room or specialist if needed, or treat you if we are able. We will help you determine if you are having a dental emergency and what you would need to do to treat it. We can also give you first aid or symptom management advice for dental non-emergencies while you wait for your appointment.

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