General dentistry is the evaluation, treatment, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders, diseases, and conditions experienced in the oral cavity and the maxillofacial area and the impact on the human body. General dentists have developed a hygiene plan which includes teeth cleaning, dental examination, root planning and scaling, x-ray and other equipment to detect and treat problems as early as possible.


In general dentistry, there are wide ranges of procedures which includes diagnosis and treatment of oral health issues. A general dentist offers preventive services. These services help maintain proper oral health by stopping the disease from getting inside the mouth. Regular exams and professional cleaning of the teeth help in preventing oral conditions. A dentist can give instructions to improve oral hygiene at home and treatments like sealants if needed.

Another service a general dentist can offer is vital services. If the problem is detected, the dentist should ensure that the treatment is given on time and appropriately. The most effective treatment involves removing a decayed tooth and filling the affected tooth. However, general dentist offers various therapeutic services. They can fix a broken tooth; they can treat gum diseases. The cosmetic procedure is a service available dentistry offers. The general dentist helps one boost their self-esteem and confidence by correcting the traumas which affect the teeth.

General dentistry is concerned with overall health concerns. Oral health is a mirror of public health. Some dental problems bring about other health issues in the body. If oral conditions are left untreated, the toxins can be carried to the bloodstream causing severe problems. People are advised to visit the dentist regularly for regular dental checkups to detect conditions during the early stages.

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