Most people are concerned when having a root canal. Being concerned about a root canal procedure is not helpful in most situations. To restore your bad tooth, you need to gain some courage. Besides, with the new modern dentistry, the improvements have made root canal performance easy. You do not need to ask for any time off work because no recovery time is required. Although the improvements are there, some people still suffer anxiety dues to their lack of knowledge of the procedure.


The first step that a general dentist does is to make the area numb with several injections through the soft tissues. Next, the numbing of the cheek and gum tissues is done so that the patient doesn’t feel any pain. It will only take some minutes for this procedure to take place, and all a patient needs are to relax. Nitrous oxide helps patients to stay relaxed during the procedure. In addition, laughing gas is a common sedative used by many general dentists.


As the root canal procedure starts, patients are asked to keep their mouths open and relaxed. Patients will not flinch because the whole place is numbed. Patients only hear some sounds and feel some pressure coming from the dental drill. The procedure only takes around 30-45 minutes at most. First, all the tooth-damaged parts will be removed using a dental drill. Clearing of the roots then happens since most are infected. The final part is filling the tooth for dental crown capping is done with a synthetic material after rinsing is complete.


As soon as the root canal is completed, most patients rest easy knowing that the complicated part is done. Patients will take a few days before they adjust to the feeling fully. Any pain felt is abnormal since all the roots of each tooth are removed. The only feeling to be felt by all patients is sensitivity caused by the numbing.

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