A wisdom tooth usually grows out in adults thereby leaving little or no space to grow properly. In most cases, these teeth either grow out crooked or half-grown. Almost all adults get their wisdom tooth extracted. If you are suffering from any infections or irritation due to your wisdom tooth, we recommend visiting us to extract the tooth.


The wisdom tooth usually grows out between the age of 17 and 25. For most people, the wisdom tooth does not have space to grow thereby resulting in partial or crooked growth. If it is at an angle it may affect the adjacent teeth as well. Apart from causing pain in your gum, it may also cut through your inner cheeks making it painful to deal with.

If it has not completely grown, it will cause constant pain in your gums. If your wisdom tooth does not grow out correctly there is a high chance that food will get stuck in it. This results in infections that could eventually lead to periodontal diseases.

If the tooth decay is ignored, it could also affect the nearby tooth and the infection may spread to the bone. Some people also develop a fluid-filled sac or a cyst near the wisdom tooth. All of these issues can be avoided with the extraction of the wisdom tooth.


We aim at keeping you as comfortable as possible during the extraction. Our professionals begin the procedure by administering local anesthesia which will numb your gums and allow us to extract the tooth effectively. In rare cases, if the patient is anxious, we may use general anesthesia. In this case, the patient will not remember anything that happened during the procedure. The extraction procedure takes anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes. We provide medication for it to heal quickly. If your wisdom tooth is causing you discomfort, give us a call so we can extract it.

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